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Fashionable Outfits for Women of all Ages

Saturday, February 23

"How old are you?" well, that doesn't matter. Every woman has the capability to show what she's got as long as she is confident enough to reveal the real "She". In this very competitive nature of fashion, the ideas of styles actually takes turn repeatedly. Women clothing still despicable to see famous looks from decades ago then go back again in the present time.

The above-the-knee printed dresses that is either sleeveless or three-fourth sleeves style, long black cocktail dresses, sleeveless cowl-neck styles, raffles or multi-wrap front, cute mini skirts matching with colorful tops, etc. are fashionable designs for women clothing that make a woman look beautiful notwithstanding her age. 

Then it would add up charm when they flaunt these dresses with ankle straps, pumps, chic flip flops, and high heels. A  woman's look is incomplete without the precise style of shoes for what she wears and accessories to boost up her appearance.
Fashion is other people's turning heads to a beautiful woman in a simple but fashionable dress wind up the trend. Anyway, designers elaborate their ideas through designing clothes according to the season's trend. There are available mode for the sexiest, craziest, and hottest approach for everyone!

Hairstyles for Men

Thursday, February 21

For men, their hairstyles are one of the primary factors that attract women.  The way a man decides for his haircut is a good mark telling what type of individual he is.

Upon choosing the right hairstyles for men has some considerations like it depends on the profile of the face, etc. Thus, the most appropriate style will contrast from person to person.

 If you are currently planing to get a haircut, maybe you might think what could be the most suitable haircut for you since there is a wide array of styles when it comes to haircut for men. You might be dubious opting for the style you like, why not seek for an advice from a hairstylist? 

For the meantime, see the  in style haircuts of these men celebrities listed below:  

1. David Beckham
2. Zac Efron
3. Bradley Copper
4. Taylor Lautner
5. Adam Levine
6. Brad Pitt
7. Hugh Jackman
8. Chace Crawford
9. Ashton Kutcher
10.Ryan Reynolds

Otherwise, take a glimpse from this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I19bep_t1-Y 

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Steps to Avoid your Beauty and Charm become Hideous

Wednesday, February 20

It’s normal for many college students to see them get stressed due to their frantic schedule every day. They often lacked of sleep, forgot to eat on time, and they even overlooked their lifestyle being fashionable. Fashion is important for innumerable students especially the girls in college because this can boost their well-being in certain aspects.

However, because of college students full-time schedule to accomplish their school activities, they tend to look haggard that turns their beauty and charm hideous than before. 

If you have similar situation as this, don't worry because every problem has a solution as they say, and that’s a fact! Do not let your beauty and charm become hideous. Resolving this through ideas how to make up your entire face is a kind of hitch that you may encounter that is actually not a big deal by simply considering the following steps:

1st step – curl your lashes to give your eyes the impression ‘wide awake’, and then boost the effect by applying a layer of mascara to stick the curl.

2nd step – apply 2 different tones of lining on your upper lashes- one vibrant, one deep. You can do this by using black or dark brown color eyeliner then top it with a vibrant tone of eyeliner such as emerald green. This will neutralize shadows beneath your eyes that may results the whites to look brighter.

3rd step – if you want to make your eyes brighter and bigger you can use nude eyeliner. Apply it on the inner edge on the lower part of your lashline. Avoid using black or too white color; Beige is ideal to make your eyes look natural while it hides the redness around your eyes.

4th step – enhance your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and short feathery brush stroke.

5th step – use a foundation to even out your skin facial appearance and make you look refreshed.

6th step – wear a blush on, but not the too-orange color, instead choose the rosy one to enhance vibrancy on your cheekbones. Blush on can help brightens your face.

Fashion is one factor that can help a college student stay confident notwithstanding the stress and pressures of their studies.

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What to Avoid to Wear on a Wedding Day

Monday, February 18

If you worry what to wear for the wedding day, there are so many ways to prepare for this occasion. Yes, it’s difficult to decide what to wear but it’s actually necessary to look good and presentable, and it is the wedding dress that will answer you on this regard. Just make sure that you ponder on the following ideas about what to avoid to meet the suitability of the occasion.

 Here are things to avoid on a wedding day regarding your outfit:

• Avoid wearing black-colored outfit. This is actually a big No-No for a wedding occasion especially for women. However, if you like one and you think it’s ideal to wear on this special day of your best friend’s wedding or sister’s wedding alike, then you can go for it.

• Avoid wearing the wedding dress that will make you surpass the wedding entourage.

• Avoid dresses that too revealing in style. Most wedding occasion especially if the ceremony is held at a church requires formal attire, so it would be advisable to know such wedding outfit etiquette.

• Avoid wearing too sophisticated jewelries. This might not be applicable for day weddings.

Those simple no-nos are helpful to consider on your wedding preparation. As a guest you have to conform on the wedding celebration dress code. Take a look at the invitation card if there’s stated about the type of dress to wear. Or else, if you’re really confuse, try to ask a wedding planner concerning about this. For sure she will help you.

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How to get Smoky Eyes (DIY)

Saturday, February 9

According to what they say: Eyes are the windows of the soul. That's definitely right, that's why it is in your very own eyes where your confidence is revealed. Wearing the right make up is important to create magic in your eyes. Smoky eyes is loved by many to apply for themselves. It is in fashion for quite awhile. If you want to try it yourself, you can apply make up on your own with these simple Do-it-yourself ways:

smoky eyes
1st step

Start it by applying concealer around the eyelid, lighting to the eyebrow.

2nd step

Apply the eyeshadow around your lid using your brush up to the lines (beige matte eyeshadow is suggestible)

Tips What to Wear in Style on Dates

Friday, February 8

When it comes to fashion, Elle stands as one of the best! This is a renowned as the largest worldwide magazine which is originated from France. They mainly focus in health, beauty, fashion, and entertainment- and all are in style!

If you are looking for ideas about how to look stunning with your dress on date, see it through Elle’s magazine. The dress you are going to wear on a date is one of the most important to think of, especially when it is your first date. This is important to get the opportunity of getting beyond first impressions and attractions by showing through your dress and appearance how really great you are.

Recommendable Color of Hair Dye this Summer

Wednesday, February 6

Every person has different taste in different aspects including fashion. Some love to invent designs of their dresses, while others are more passionate in wearing jewelries with various sizes, styles, and colors, etc. In fact, being fashionable people, several of them like to color their hair in every occasion. To color hair is a nice fashion style because it can help you look young and blooming.

If you want to look younger in your age, why don't you try coloring your hair? But of course, before you proceed to action you have to take some considerations first like distinguishing your own normal hair color. This is very important because this will figure out where to begin when you are about to pick your preferred shade and your color of hair dye.

Since summer is coming, what could be the best recommendable color of hair dye for this season?

Actually, according to an expert, blonde is the best hair dye color to pick. This golden hues associates a variety of fashionable touches. As what @Marilyn Monroe said before that "the gentlemen prefer blondes!"

So why don't you try to wear blonde? Maybe tocolor hair with blonde may best fit for you, especially if you have light eyes. There are several shades and hues to choose from hair colors, you can choose golden blonde shade, which is frequently worn by Hayden Panettiere, an actress, or choose a dark blonde or a honey blonde as an alternative. Either of the 3, you are making yourself more courageous and gallant.

Look at Reese Witherspoon and Kate Upton, don't they look beautiful and attractive on their hair color, do they? Let your real charm comes out this summer with a color of hair dye that you think suits your appearance.

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Look Adorable with Hairstyle Remake

Saturday, February 2

For sure you are in your date this Valentines Day. So a little hairdo remake is important. Hairstyle is vital for everyone to look adorable. This can picture out your personal grooming. It has big role to play in your appearance that projects the best in your characteristics.

Actually, there are different hairstyles for different types of hair. There are layered hairstyles, short hairstyles, curled hairstyles, and more. But you can simply find out which hairstyles fit for you in the finest if you can determine the tresses and the texture of your hair.

Hairstyle tips from marieclaire to make you look adorable and for a sexy hairstyle look this Valentines:

Chic Curls

1. You can do this by simply shampooing your hair. It would be better to leave your hair with more natural oils to easy curl your hair.
2. Avoid a forceful towel-drying, as an alternative, blot hair so you won’t end up drying your bathroom floor.
3. The mixture must be on equal parts of leave-in conditioner and gel, and then afterwards coat your moist hair with the mixture.
4. Carefully and evenly crumple your hair.
5. Blow-dry your hair. Never touch your hair with your hands because this creates hair frizz.

Tousled Texture

1. Wash you hair with a good quantity of shampoo withhold on the conditioner. This is advised for those who like their hair to look healthy but don't wish for it to weigh down.
2. Spray your hair with a volumizer over and done with blow-dry without combing it in a quick move. Simply shake it with your hands while blow-drying.
3. If it’s totally dry, try to use a little dry shampoo to rise up the texture of bedhead-y.

Either of the two, you will definitely love your look.

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Jewelries to Give on Valentines Day

Friday, February 1

Do you adore jewelries? Many people especially the girls love to wear jewelries for beautification of themselves. With the constant change of time, the fashion style has change through a variety of designs, size, and colors. The choices will simply varies upon your likes.

For most occasions, jewelry stores are on the hit when Valentines Day is imminent. So if you are looking for a gift to give to your girlfriend or boyfriend this coming “love” month, a necklace or a ring are the jewelries that can be used by all gender.

Since it is Valentines Day, a heart shaped necklace or ring is just perfect for the occasion. It is available in a range of gorgeous designs and styles. If you seek for fashion costume jewelry, find it out around malls. It is certainly offered in cheaper prices that are in harmony for all celebrations.

Here are other options of jewelries for you to choose besides necklaces and rings either for girls or boys:

• Bracelets – can be used by boys too, and this is truly a good for remembrance.
• Novelty Earrings – if the girl is unconventional type.
• Anklets – it’s nice to see an ankle with this beautification (for girls)
• Birthstone pendants – as a symbol of the month when he or she was born.


You don’t have to spend a big amount of money if you are watching your budget. A gift for the special person to you, for sure, is not asking for something that cause you problem. There are lots of jewelry stores in town to purchase an affordable jewelry that’s fashionable at the same time.

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