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Tattered/Ripped Jeans: The Iconic Favored Apparel for all Ages

Saturday, June 4

Age is nothing but a number! This is what nearly everyone thinks when it comes to "fashion styles." From teenage girls to fully-grown up women, there are prevalent apparel styles that fit and match to their preferred variety notwithstanding the wearer's age! Her looks will simply depend on how she brings up that mode herself. 

One of the most  fêted outfit that we can see worn by a number of girls and women today is the pair of tattered jeans- the chic clothing that has been worn a few decades ago until this very moment.

Tattered jeans or also known as ripped jeans have become the iconic favored apparel by many across the world. In fact, even celebrities do not miss this style. Kim Kardashian and Michelle Keegan are just a few of them. 

Now if you're also swayed to this vogue, why not ripped the jeans yourself with no celebrity price tag?

Let out your talent with me. Let's customize your jeans easily. Do not forget to gather your supplies: tweezers and sharp scissors.

Now let's watch the video below!

Did you find this video helpful? Please feel free to comment on this page. Thanks! :) ♥


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