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Kim Kardashian current Fashion

Sunday, May 12

Is it true that Kimberly Noel A.K.A.Kim Kardashian, 32 years old, (a TV personality, occasional actress, and an American socialite) is giving up her sexy look as she goes on blooming in her pregnancy?

 She was observed last week wearing this unattractive floral frock dress, which was compared to Robin Williams outfit in Mrs Doubtfire movie. Actually, Kim's socialite's fashion style was criticized at  New York’s Met Ball fashion.

from: metro
Kim explained during her interview in this popular magazine, "I think I was trying to hide it for a while, but I’m still at the stage where nothing looks good, so I’ve found it really difficult to get dressed."

"I’m learning that stretchy is everything. Blazers and stretchy fabrics are going to be my new thing. Right now, there’s not much that will fit me," she added.

Finally she concluded," OK, we need to go to the bathroom now. When it comes to pregnancy, everyone has an opinion."

Well, fashion is not limited. Anyone can always get with her style anytime. For Kim-- I think you still look great! After all, there is nothing in this world that could be greater than becoming a mother. Make your baby proud to say,  "ILoveMyMomBecause she's proud of me!"

Happy Mother's Day

Best Gifts for your Mom on Mother's Day

Saturday, May 11

Mother's day gift ideas
It's "Happy Mother's Day" again! It means-- it's time to show appreciation to your mom by giving her a gift that makes her feel how much you really love her. For mother's day gift ideas there are plenty of them to choose from the Internet. Since online shopping is very popular for its convenience and affordable prices, then why not consider it?

There are more than hundreds of best gifts to search on the Internet for mothers. On mother's day most families are happy celebrating the day with their mother to places where they can have fun. However, when you are a little watchful to your expenses you don't need to spend too much money just to please your mother, because a simple "i love you" is already a BIG best gift to mom. 

There is no cost when you give gift to your mom, yet, of course, a little present is a symbol of keepsake on the other hand, so a little present can be helpful to celebrate with mom.if you are looking for Mother's day gift ideas, the following are sweet gifts that will not let you expend too much:
  • Stylish clothing for moms is to make over your mom. Turn her looks younger. A dress with twist front style or bloom drape in the front can surely give her a younger gaze.
  • Personalized mug is one of the best gifts for mothers. If your mom loves to drink coffee, this can keeps remind her of you with a picture of both of you printed on the mug.
  • Tote bag with unique personalized  design can be great for mothers to use during weekend getaways. Tote bag is ideal to put in their cosmetic set and other accessories in style.
  • Picture frame with her picture and a poem from you affixed on the other side of the frame expressing your care and love for her. 
  • A Happy mother's day card is another great gift ideas among all. This is one of the most exceptional way of showing how very special she is to your life-- as the person who gives you life and happiness.
Mother's day is celebrated in nearly all countries across the world. Everyone takes it as a chance to tell their respect, love, and care for their mothers!

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