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Woman, Trapped in Her Super-Tight Skinny Jeans

Tuesday, June 23

Skinny jeans are slim-fit pants adored to wear by teenagers today. Its chic style is lineage back in the olden time as of the 1930s, which is until now even more becomes famous to girls as a fashionable outfit.

Unfortunately, the terrifying news was divulged yesterday about a 35-year-old Australian woman from Adelaide, who was hospitalized for four days due to wearing “super tight” skinny jeans that led her to nerve damage.

This woman was trapped in her skinny jeans. She was crouching to help a friend move when she noticed her jeans becoming too tight. As she squat time after time, her muscles got engorged, her feet started to numb, and soon fell on the ground as she walked home. Hours passed by before she was found.

The woman was then immediately brought to a nearby hospital and her jeans had to be cut off because of her swollen legs. She suffered from intravenous hydration but is now in her full recovery after 4 days in the hospital.   
According to Dr. Perry Shieh, the director and associate professor of neurology of the Neuromuscular Program at the University of California, Los Angeles, she believes that the incident was due to the repeated squatting in too tight jeans- and couldn’t happen from simply wearing skinny jeans alone.

Indeed, wearing skinny jeans is not bad; therefore, avoid wearing it to the point that it is already causing you discomfort.


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