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Steps to Avoid your Beauty and Charm become Hideous

Wednesday, February 20

It’s normal for many college students to see them get stressed due to their frantic schedule every day. They often lacked of sleep, forgot to eat on time, and they even overlooked their lifestyle being fashionable. Fashion is important for innumerable students especially the girls in college because this can boost their well-being in certain aspects.

However, because of college students full-time schedule to accomplish their school activities, they tend to look haggard that turns their beauty and charm hideous than before. 

If you have similar situation as this, don't worry because every problem has a solution as they say, and that’s a fact! Do not let your beauty and charm become hideous. Resolving this through ideas how to make up your entire face is a kind of hitch that you may encounter that is actually not a big deal by simply considering the following steps:

1st step – curl your lashes to give your eyes the impression ‘wide awake’, and then boost the effect by applying a layer of mascara to stick the curl.

2nd step – apply 2 different tones of lining on your upper lashes- one vibrant, one deep. You can do this by using black or dark brown color eyeliner then top it with a vibrant tone of eyeliner such as emerald green. This will neutralize shadows beneath your eyes that may results the whites to look brighter.

3rd step – if you want to make your eyes brighter and bigger you can use nude eyeliner. Apply it on the inner edge on the lower part of your lashline. Avoid using black or too white color; Beige is ideal to make your eyes look natural while it hides the redness around your eyes.

4th step – enhance your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and short feathery brush stroke.

5th step – use a foundation to even out your skin facial appearance and make you look refreshed.

6th step – wear a blush on, but not the too-orange color, instead choose the rosy one to enhance vibrancy on your cheekbones. Blush on can help brightens your face.

Fashion is one factor that can help a college student stay confident notwithstanding the stress and pressures of their studies.

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