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Choose the Lucky Color this Spring - Green

Thursday, March 22

Make your first day of spring stylish and fashionable. According to Sharon Mosley, who is an ex-fashion editor of the well-known Arkansas Gazette in Little Rock, gives her advice that any green-related color clothing is the trendiest all through the spring season.

In the current year, Green is a lucky color this spring season, and to wear an outfit in all of its shades can make you fashion trendy and fort the fall season an expert color predicts that a warm rich ultramarine is the favorite color on the fashion runways.

To be totally lucky this year, go with green in accessories too, such as handbags, sandals, earrings, or whatever you like to associate with your trend, you can take your pick!

Advantages of Online Shopping for Teenagers

Thursday, March 15

Teenage girls usually love clothing in different styles and designs; from the strains of lectures and homework they able to restore their vigor by dressing up in their admired fashion trend. However, to match with the various choices that will work out with their mood swings, the meticulous planning for teen wardrobe can be decipher via online shops.

online shopping

Here’s the tips why you need to consider online shopping:

1st. . Selecting and buying clothes online can be effortless and convenient.

How Jennifer Aniston maintains her Stunning Beauty Style

Monday, March 5

jennifer aniston
Jennifer Aniston is one of my favorite Hollywood actresses. I find her pretty, so hot and sexy despite of her age; believe it or not she’s already 43 but as you can see in this picture, her beauty and style seems like 30 years old. Maybe you’re wondering as me why she stays as beautiful and effervescent as she is, and how does she maintains her beauty disregarding her demanding time being an actress and a producer as well.

Well, on the late-night TV show of Conan O’Brien, a beauty reporter, he asked Aniston about her beauty secret and the star replied: “I'm obsessed with laser porn.” This means that she keeps her look by using laser therapy remove the dead cells and the age spots from her Cali-type complexion. “The dead skin on your face just kind of falls off for eight days.” she added.

The Glamorous Hollywood Celebrities in Fashion at 2012 Oscars Red Carpet

Saturday, March 3

Hollywood celebrities looked stunning in fashion at the red carpet from the 2012 Oscars Award. These women are like goddess with their glamorous beauties and so fascinating fashion styles. Nevertheless, I am pretty much sure that all spectators in the celebration, without exception, have gone through the process of admiration in the highest regard.

According to one of the most renowned fashion specialists who have witnessed the sensational riotous of beauties, the 6 celebrity women who possessed awesome looks from that evening in favor to their best hairstyle and make-up are as following:

1. Emma Stone

Her fine rose petal eye lids shadow and her red Valli gown made her looked very alluring.

2. Michelle Williams

She appeared very attractive on the red carpet with her rosy lip that perfectly matched with
her bold orange gown.

3. Angelina Jolie

She was the head turner during the biggest night. Her soft wave, sultry brunette-colored hair
naturally boosts her beauty.

4. Shailene Woodley

Her fine brown shadow gave her gorgeous-looking eyes for contouring.

5. Jennifer Lopez

Gives the impression of being a double cat eye with her original depth dimension liner.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow

It was simple but she was gazed extremely sophisticated in fashion with her glossy
pony hairstyle.

Summer Fashion Trends: the hit of styles to put on

Friday, March 2

School closings and this means that SUMMER, which is the warmest season of the year is forthcoming. When it regards to fashion for summer, a number of women are excited about what their soon to be wearing, because the warm weather of the season gives all the women a perfect opportunity to get out with their favorite stylish dresses.

But remember, never wear skimpy dresses; you don’t have to reveal too much skin, it would be pretty for you to just stay cool against the heat of the season. The trendy fashion for summer 2012 includes some of these ideas:

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