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Hair Treatment for Oily Hair

Sunday, March 31

source from: makeupandbeauty.com
Our hair needs oil, but excessive oil is not good anymore. This can make your hair look lame and lank. That is why we wash our hair to get rid of oil but most of the time when evening comes the problem exists. Don’t worry, because if you are in the same situation there are several ways you can do to take care of your oily hair like applying shampoo for this type of hair.

You can wash your hair habitually but never over do this. Washing it more than once everyday can drive off the natural oil that our hair supposed to contain to make it look healthy as commendable hair treatment. Don't rub your scalp when you wash your hair for this can stimulate the scalp to make hair oilier.

Take note that oily hair is not because of oily scalp. Actually, the clinical study to this is due to the “sebaceous glands” found in skin connected to “sebum”, the one that discharges the fatty substance to hair follicles into the surface of our hair. The sebaceous glands become more active when you have dry scalp. Due to this, your hair strand will produce unwanted oil.

Furthermore, you can ask for assistance to a hair specialist to get the right shampoo according to your hair condition, knowing that there are lots of mixtures of substances in shampoo. Shampoo alone is not the solution for oily hair. It must be accompanied with conditioner. However, shampoo for oily hair is widely available in the market like Loreal.

Or try home remedies like using diluted lemon juice. Apply it on scalp to give nice effect of a much more pleasing hair look and good scent.

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