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Simple Remedies to Lighten Dark Circles on the Eyes

Monday, January 27

Dark circles around the eyes are ordinary. Commonly, these are a sign of exhaustion because of sleep deprivation or illness. On some occasion, these can be also inheritance that does not clear up; therefore, no worries, because you can absolutely reduce the darkness and lighten them.

eyes dark circles
Causes of eyes dark circles:

The skin in the areas the of eyes will turn into thin with age. Moreover, the veins will appear clearer like dark circles. On the other hand, at times like illness, if you have dark circles around your eyes this could possibly means that you have deficiency in nutrients, or the drugs that you are using could cause dark circles.

To learn about simple remedies for this concern, you may try the following at home:
1.       Have a sufficient sleep hours (recommended: 7 – 8 hours) and drink plenty of water 

2.       Grate one cup of raw potato and remove its juice, get cotton pads and dip it on the juice before you place it on eyes for twenty minutes. 

3.      Grate one-half cup of cucumber and remove the juice. Immerse cotton pads in the juice and put on your eyelids for twenty minutes. 

4.      Prepare one-half teaspoon of gram flour. Mix with a little turmeric powder, one-half tsp. of tomato juice and one-half tsp of lemon juice. Blend altogether to make a paste and apply on your eyes cautiously. Relax for twenty minutes. Use a cotton ball wet in water and tap to dry.

Whichever of the above remedy you prefer to lighten your eyes dark circles, ensure to continue application for 15 to 20 days for noticeable results.

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