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Skinny Jeans: The Style that Refuses to Give Up!

Thursday, November 12

Long pants for women have diverse, different styles. There are leggings, slacks trousers, boot leg styles, designed for cocktail party, and the latest skinny jeans. Therefore, a lot of women were attracted to wearing skinny-styled jeans all the more. But be wary when you choose the tightness of your jeans, as what was reported before, a woman was trapped in her skinny jeans.


Too-tight jeans can have affect in your blood circulation which could lead you to a bad health condition.

When did skinny jeans arise on trend?

There were young people in the mid-18th century who called themselves as the "Macaronis" loved to wear slim-fit outfits. But how come this style seems to refuse to die up to the present? In fact, more and more women are rushing to buy these fancy sweat pants. Wonder why? Here are some of the reasons:

1. Comfortable to wear
2. Emphasizing versatile
3. Make them look sexier
4. Show their legs gracefully
5. Make them feel confident

Or how about trying this? Watch this amazing girl walking around Hong Kong without pants. ^_^

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