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Beauty Tips for Hair: The Precise Way to Wash Hair

Tuesday, February 17

It is women’s routine to make their look dazzling as possible before they go out for work or whatever reasons need to be undertaken every day. For certain, you also do this on a regular basis, don’t you? However, starting from the main asset that you have which is your hair – the question is: do you have any idea how’s the precise way to wash your hair?

If you don’t, then this article may perhaps help you learn about the precise tricks that can transform your hair into healthy and shiny look that you never have experienced before. Thus if you are doing a few mistakes you could damage the strands unknowingly. 

The following tricks are beauty tips for hair that’s recommended by an expert through the precise way of washing.

1. Rinse your hair.

Wet your hair thoroughly before adding shampoo. To remove any product remains or dirt trapped in your hair, it’s ideal to use the warm water to open the cuticle. Moreover, warm water able to get rid of the oil presents on the scalp. As it helps open the cuticle, the oil will be absorbed through the scalp.

2. For long hair, you should condition it first

Apply a small amount of conditioner on your hair to protect especially the delicate ends from further damage. Rinse it lightly before you apply the shampoo. This notion helps your hair fill the cuticle holes with moisture, keeping it healthy, shiny, and softer than before.

3. Lather only the scalp

Shampoo the hair at the scalp, especially at your nape. Lather up from the hair roots to its ends. The youngest hair is those closest to your scalp and certainly be the oiliest, whereas the hair ends are the oldest and regularly the driest. The ends are also the most delicate part of the hair.

4. Lather up gently

Just wash your hair delicately, because friction can break the hair cuticle permanently. Begin at the roots. Use vertical strokes to motivate hair growth.

5. Add conditioner

Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove the shampoo. Before you apply the conditioner, squeeze some water out of your hair. You can leave your hair with conditioner on it for a couple of minutes, because doing so helps the hair deeply absorb the conditioner.

Tips: Never apply the conditioner onto your scalp since the natural oil is more concentrated on that part of your hair.

6. Rinse with cold water to finish

Cold water closes tight the cuticle, and the outer layer will be sealed, causing the hair to reproduce radiance and shine.
Hope this tricks for washing your hair correctly help you. I would be glad if you leave your comment below.

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