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What to Wear Up for a Carefree Summertime 2015!

Sunday, April 5

It’s summertime again! This means, it’s time to prep all your most comfy, chic-styled outfits out in the closet. Those sassy skirts, glam blouses, breezy dresses, and cozy sandals can be the best warm weather pieces to fit in. This is the time to let yourself get out of your comfort zone!

So what’s the hit this summer in 2015? Let me share with you some tips about what to wear up for a carefree summertime to get yourself in the trend. 

1. Choose light and colorful fabrics. Yet, if you can’t split with your black habit make sure that for your top is sleeveless, and the dress or skirt is cut out in mini style.  

2. trendy necklines include haltered, cowl, and off-shoulder for glamorous look.

haltered style               cowl style           off-shoulder style
3. Ripped short pants and jeans with vintage styles but are bang-up-to-date can make you look so cool in this hot season.  

4. High-waist shorts are super bubbly to create a fashionable summer statement.  

5. Summer scarf and big sunglasses are a few of the most versatile accessories for summer.

       Take note: Exposing more skin is good but ensure not to overlook decency.
       That's it! Beat the season’s heat in style with the most recent trendy fashion mode.  

 You're free to bring up your style too. I would love to hear your comments below. For more fashion styles and tips just visit http://almamayable-fashiontrends.blogspot.com/

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